The Lexicon Alpinum is essentially an alphabetical list of the morpho-lexical types, the base types and the concepts collected by VerbaAlpina. Some entries are accompanied by linguistic comments. This is mainly the case when, in the opinion of VerbaAlpina, there is no or only insufficient information available from the cited reference dictionaries. The alphabetical list also contains a few entries on selected concepts that are central to VerbaAlpina, such as CHEESE, BUTTER or CHALET. More detailed explanations are, apart from the special project-specific meaning, mostly motivated by the fact that VerbaAlpina considers the information provided in common reference books (mainly in the large etymological dictionaries and in the portals operated by Wikimedia, in particular Wikipedia) to be insufficient in the context of the project perspective. To a certain extent, both the selection of the concepts presented in the Lexicon Alpinum and the decision to which morpho-lexical respectively base types a special comment is added is intuitive.
The functionality of the Lexicon Alpinum arises largely from the symbols (icons) in the title bar and on the right margin of each entry; the meaning of the icons also appears when the mouse arrow is placed over them (mouseover). Each entry can be directly addressed via the citation icon (") and linked via another icon (chain icon). The respective keyword of the article can also be visualised on the interactive map. The icon on the right margin ('Data') leads to all the information gathered in the info windows of the interactive map; above all, the links to corresponding articles in reference dictionaries appear. In the case of concepts, also links to Wikidata data objects as well as to other standard data are provided; in this way, the material of VA will be contextualized lexicographically and encyclopedically.
However, the entries of the Lexicon Alpinum are not only linked to norm data from outside the project, but project-specific norm data are also provided and appear in the title bar immediately after the keyword. Depending on whether the keyword represents a morpho-lexical type, a base type or a concept, these VA norm data are indexed with 'Lnn', 'Bnn' or 'Cnn'. Finally, an icon is also available for downloading all information.

(auct. Thomas Krefeld | Stephan Lücke – trad. Christina Mutter)