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Version Control  (Quote)

VerbaAlpina is composed of the following modules:

- VA_DB: data stock in the (MySQL) project database (va_xxx)
- VA_WEB: programme code of the project portals web interface along with the accompanying WordPress database (va_wp)
- VA-MT: media data files (photographs, films, text documents, sound recordings), that are in the media library of the web interface

All three modules form a consistent whole with mutual nexus and dependencies and can therefore not be separated from each other. During the project term, the actual status of the modules VA-DB and VA_Web will be "frozen" simultaneously at regular intervals in form of an electronic copy. These frozen copies get a version number according to the scheme [calendar year]/[serial number] (e.g. 15/1). The productive version of VA gets the marking XXX.

The production of copies of the VA media center (VA_MT) is unthinkable due to the generally enormous size of media data files. For this reason, no copy of this module is created during the process of version control. That is why elements that once have been filed in the media center cannot be removed from it if only one single VA version is combined with them.

In the project portal, there is the possibility to change between the "productive" VA version (subject to constant changes) and the filed ("frozen") versions. In the portal itself, an appropriate colouring of the background or rather certain user elements will inform if the productive or on of the filed versions of VA is activated at the moment. *Exclusively* the filed versions of VA are citable.

Cover pictures of previous versions of VerbaAlpina

Barn at Fex Platta, in Val Fex near Sils Maria, Upper Engadine (Picture: Thomas Krefeld)

Chalet on Roßsteinalm, above Lenggries (Picture: Thomas Krefeld)


Autumn in South Tyrol, near Passeier Valley (Picture: Susanne Oberholzer)


Treatment of Mascherpa cheese, Lombardy (Picture: Formaggio Bitto )


Eibsee and Zugspitze, Grainau (Picture: Christina Mutter)


Hay harvest in Chiemgau (Picture: Groth-Schmachtenberger collection, open-air museum Glentleiten)


Hay harvest (Picture: Groth-Schmachtenberger collection, open-air museum Glentleiten)


Hay harvest (Picture: Groth-Schmachtenberger collection, open-air museum Glentleiten)


Winter landscape on the Plose above Brixen (I) (Picture: Stephan Lücke)


View accross Seiser Alm to the Odle Peaks (Picture: Stephan Lücke)


Zillertal Alps (Picture: Thomas Krefeld)


Piz Boè (left), Sas dla Crusc and La Varella (back right); below the road from Pordoi Pass and further down on the right the village Arabba (Picture: Beatrice Colcuc)


View from the Forcella Nuvolau towards Cortina d'Ampezzo (Picture: Beatrice Colcuc)


(auct. Stephan Lücke – trad. Susanne Oberholzer)

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